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A Call to Repentance

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In today’s culture, God is a villain. He is the crazy, controlling guy who causes calamities. If God is good why does he allow bad things to happen? This is a very common argument today. And some scientists seek knowledge out of curiosity. Others, so they can “fix” this. But inevitably if you bring this to its logical conclusion this would make you, the person of a particular invention, the person who does good in the world. Not just any kind of good, but a good that is better than the good of god.

Yet people forget that there are still so many good things that happen, without their or anyone else's effort. Yet, they don't want to credit that to god. This sounds familiar. It seems like reading a psychology article about relationships. Where a person who hurts another has so much resentment toward them, that they only see bad things about him or her.

In this set up, it can be observed...it can be speculated and said, that a person who was supposedly hurt by god (emotional and psychological trauma from natural events, for example, or observing and conceiving this reality of the world in ones mind without actually experiencing them) now has resentment toward god. In fact, incredibly so, modern man wants God to apologize to him. But...he never asks god to show up. For example "if you exist, show yourself to me". No, the man is too proud to truly say that in his heart. And this man is the one hiding from God, and trying to launch rockets at him from a cave. Making allegations against god without wanting to meet him face to face. And god is silent not because he is forcing people into a corner. He is silent because he is love. All of this is going on inside your own head.

But what this man is forgetting is that he is still alive. In the entire universe even a short lifespan is a miracle. Before fixing the universe, man must inevitably fix his own relationship to god first in order to solve problems with interpersonal relationships and even scientific progress. He must lay down his resentment toward God, and turn away from his hatred toward god. To turn away from his love only of himself.

In other words, just like the scriptures say, he must repent.

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