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Justice and Love

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I think it is hard for people to fathom God’s love for us. And because of this it is easy to come up with all kinds of false ideas about who he is. We know that love always trusts. This simple statement alone tells us that God trusts us even at our worst. But some people say: he already knows who will go to Hell. Well, is it true? It appears to be so. But how do we reconcile the two ideas. That God always trusts and he already knows who will go where. If he already knew, what would be the point of him trusting in that person? Always trusts is definition of love. If you don’t always trust, then there is no love in your character.

Answer. God isn’t a concept. Or a human like us. When we say he already knows. Maybe it is true if he was like us. If a human already knew the future, he would have ultimate power. Which is what God does. But perhaps it is much of a question of time, rather than God’s character. For us humans, we are so used to the concept of time, that past, present and future are common analogies for perceiving, processing and making sense out of reality. But for God this is different. He isn’t bound by time. In some ways you can say that God doesn’t know what time it is. And the only reason he knows is because he invents it. But he invented it for us, not for himself. So here we are in this time-based parallel thinking: God knows the future. Whilst God is sitting on his eternal throne in Heaven that always was… And thinks Ok I understand your frustration with this.

So we are only judging God by a lesser paradigm… of time. That was given to us by him because of his grace and mercy. So what was given to us out of his love and kindness toward us, we use to judge him as to whether who goes where. As you can see he is infinitely holy, and all reason will only make us a small dust speck compared to him. So, it really is just a foolish idea of man to think God predestines people to heaven or hell in that sense. But we know people do go to Hell. And some go to Heaven. We can understand it and think about it as long as it isn’t personal. As long as you are not saying: Well he or she is going to heaven (or hell) because… This is simply not meant for us to decide. But moreover, not because we can. On the contrary. We are unable to make that judgement even if we thought we couldn’t. Most people who do judge in this way, think they can. But they are deceived. We simply do not have that ability. So it only makes one a fool to believe he can do that which he cannot.

Solution. God’s justice and love coexist. They are both traits of his eternal character. But primarily he is also love. And I guess that is exactly what you see in Jesus Christ. Although we are all guilty, he who is supposed to judge us takes his own life instead, to atone for his own judgment. The judge takes the punishment upon himself for us. And this is highest form of love.

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